St . Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day it is common to give presents to a special friend, relative or to our boyfriend or girlfriend.
The English Club decided to offer you their imagination, inspiration and creativity.

We hope you all enjoy our Valentine’s poems!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

       1.                                                                        2.  
            I love my friend                                                 I give you a flower                                                      
You´re in my heart                                            You give me a kiss
To be away from you                                         This gives me power
It’s very hard                                                     I cannot miss

        3.                                                                                4.                                                                    
             I´m your friend                                                On this day
            You are mine                                                   You are Special
On this day                                                      But for me
You´ll shine                                                     You are magical

5.                                                                     6.
            Any time                                                       I have a pen
We fight                                                        My pen is Black
My heart becomes                                           You are my friend
Too tight                                                        My cut cate

      7.                                                                               8.
           I have a pen                                                          On this date
           My pen is red                                                       I love you Simon
           I have a friend                                                      And i olso Love
           My friend is Ted                                                   Your spirit of lion
      I hate tea
     You hate beer
     I love the sea
     You love the river


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